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Living Waters

Decorative Indoor Waterfall & Hydroponic Gardens

2' Waterfall deluxe model

indoor waterfalls & HydroponicGardens


3' Prototype Unit w/Oak Upgrade
Desktop Version
Introductory Price


AddItion to


  • Home, Apartment & Office

  • Medical & Dental waiting areas

  • Restaurants & Cafes

  • Retirement & Apartment communities

  • Low Light Locations

  • Harsh weather or places  limited growing seasons

  • Anywhere you want to grow beautiful plants, fresh herbs or vegetables and add calming ambiance year around in style

Full Size Garden Features


  • Indoor Waterfall and Hydroponic Garden

  • Beautiful wood structure

  • Dual internal Waterfalls

  • 3 Levels of Plant Trays

  • Multiple lighting options using high efficiency LEDs

  • Timer included for plant lights

  • GFCI protected 

  • Pump and Reservoir included to store and recirculate water

  • Illuminated reservoir for water level viewing

  • Wheels for easy mobility

  • Multiple color choices

  • Available upgrades - Oak Finsh and Exhaust Fans


  • Cleans and humidifies air

  • Easy to use - just maintain water levels

  • Self contained

  • Relaxing sounds

  • Year around growing

  • Does not need sunlight

General Information

Depth 28" x Height 6'

Width choice of 2', 3', or 4'

Approx. wt. is 200 - 300 lbs empty

3 Planter Trays w/ growing space of 3'-6' 

Multiple lighting options

Venting/Airflow Options

Variety of color options

FREE DELIVERY in contiguous USA